The disk space feature displays the total capacity of info that you'll be able to have on your hosting server at any time. With a personal computer, for instance, this would be the capacity of your hard disk drive or the full volume of all the hard drives in case that your PC has more than just a single one. Exactly as the space on a personal computer is divided between installed software, documents, music files and so forth, the server storage space is normally divided between website files, databases and emails. Every single file, folder or email message uses a little disk space on your server, and that means you should consider a variety of factors, not just the size of the files that you upload. For instance, having sizable e-mail attachments or running a script-driven website in which the user-generated data is saved in a database also affects the space you use.
Disk Space in Hosting
All our hosting packages were created with the concept that lack of hard disk space should not be something that will prevent the development of your websites. For that reason we've applied an approach which is more advanced than the one that most website hosting providers apply - instead of just generating a number of accounts using a singlle server and subsequently running out of storage space, we use a cloud hosting platform in which the storage space is handled by an entire group of servers. As a result, we can easily attach more machines if they're needed or more HDDs, to supply additional disk space for all of the files of our valued clients. Separate clusters control the e-mail messages and your databases, thus not only are you able to expand your websites without worrying about hard disk space, but also all of the servers will perform faster and better because every service has its own space for storage and a single server does not handle various types of files.
Disk Space in Dedicated Servers
Our dedicated servers feature numerous hard disk drives to suit the processing power you'll get, which means that you will never have to be worried for not having enough disk storage. The drives can function in RAID, this means that one drive can be a copy of another to ensure that all your data will always be backed up, alternatively it can be used as a stand alone for even bigger full storage capacity. Many hundreds of gigabytes of disk storage space will be available all the time, so you can run enormous websites, upload huge files and copy your archive. Since a dedicated server is definitely the most powerful form of website hosting, you'll be able to upload/download files with very quick speeds. If needed, we also provide the option to include more hard disks and make use of even more storage for your data. We supply 3 hosting Control Panels with our dedicated servers - with Hepsia, all domains will share the entire server space and will be operated in one place, whereas with cPanel and DirectAdmin you'll have the possibility to generate individual web hosting accounts with certain disk space allocations for each domain hosted on the server.