The hardware configuration of the hosting server where you host your sites is rather important and can have an impact on their performance. Since an Internet site includes also databases, logs, a Control Panel to manage the content, an e-mail service, etc, you need appropriate hardware which can support all of these processes. A unit with a high CPU speed means that your web applications will be executed much quicker, while additional physical memory will permit additional system processes to run concurrently, so the hardware will have direct impact on how your websites perform and in case the server is not powerful enough, they will work slowly or will not work at all. In this light, you should check not only what characteristics a particular web hosting plan features, but also if the hardware will be adequate to support these functions.
24-core servers, hardware in Hosting
The hosting accounts that we provide are generated on powerful servers which will provide the best performance of your web applications all of the time. Each aspect of the service will be handled by a different cluster of servers and every single machine inside a cluster is equipped with powerful 24-core enterprise-class processors as well as 64 GB RAM, so you can run resource-demanding scripts without worrying that your plan won't be able to handle the load. The machines are redundant, which enables us to guarantee that you will not see any downtime of your sites. The combination of powerful hardware and a cloud configuration means that the system resources available to you will be virtually infinite as in contrast to most service providers, we are not restricted by the hardware of a single machine which can provide a limited amount of power. In addition, all servers which we use include SSD drives that will increase the speed and performance of your Internet sites even further.
24-core servers, hardware in Dedicated Servers
If you decide to obtain a dedicated server from our company, you will receive a machine with powerful hardware which will meet your requirements whatever the type of sites you wish to run. We use meticulously tested components to guarantee that you won't face any kind of hardware problems, but to be on the safe side, we have spares inside our US datacenter where our 24/7 technical support team could replace each component before you know it. With up to 12-core processors, 16 GB physical memory plus gigabit network cards, you will get a hosting powerhouse for your web applications and never have to worry if they will function properly or not. Of course, if you do not need such a configuration, we've got less powerful servers to suit your needs and budget as well. You will get the same high-quality hardware with each and every dedicated server package.