If you use a script-driven application on your site and all of the content that you make is saved in a database, your hosting plan needs to feature ample database storage, so as to make certain that even if your website grows, you will not experience any kind of difficulties as a result of the shortage of space. PostgreSQL is a good example of a popular database management system that's used for a lot of scalable web applications and if you'd like to have improved performance and reliability for your site, it's more than likely that you will use this solution. That being said, you will need a web hosting plan that won't limit your web presence, especially if you want to operate a number of websites and each of them uses PostgreSQL databases.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Hosting
We provide a number of hosting so as to offer you a choice to obtain the attributes that you truly need and not pay extra for attributes that you'll never use. Because of this, the PostgreSQL storage space is an optional upgrade which you're able to add using your Hepsia Control Panel for some of the plans; with others you will receive a certain quota, while with the top plans you receive unrestricted database storage space. Because you can easily switch among the packages or upgrade certain attributes, you can start with a lower-end one and then upgrade if you want to host PostgreSQL-driven websites. Needless to say, if you wish to start this type of a website from the start, you can select the most suitable package that has PostgreSQL support as standard.